Radha Singh’s FAQ

University student Radha C Singh is quite busy these days with school work. If you’ve been to her About page, you might have come across that tiny bit about her being shy. And although she’s come a long way from her terribly shy high school days, she knows she still has a long way to go. This website is her attempt at overcoming her introversion. She wishes to reach out to the public to connect and communicate, and in the process, open herself up more to striking new friendships. In this regard, she invites you to contact her for comments or suggestions on her posts or on ways to improve the appeal of her personal site.

As mentioned above, schoolwork takes most of Radha’s time, and comments or suggestions from her readers will greatly help her in maintaining her website. If there is anything that you’d like to be discussed on the site or you wish to pose questions regarding what she’s shared here so far, please feel free to contact her! She welcomes questions and will be glad to answer them for her readers.

Do you have something you wish to share?

On the other hand, if you have an original post that you want to share with the public, you are welcome to do so right here! Writing and publishing her articles have greatly helped Radha Singh overcome her shyness; and if you’re like her, she encourages you to voice out your thoughts and opinions through an original article. You can rest assured that she will get to each guest contribution at the soonest time possible. She begs for your patience and understanding if it takes awhile for your post to be published here as she’s got a lot on her plate at the moment. But with Christmas break coming soon, she may have more time to focus on her site.

For guest posts, here are a few reminders:

  • Keep posts positive (and uplifting whenever possible)
  • Please refrain from using foul and profane language
  • Limit word count to 500 words per article
  • All posts must be original and written by the guest contributor
  • You may write about any of the topics covered here (university life, swimming, rock climbing, hip hop culture, LA, San Diego, San Diego Chargers, and San Diego Padres)

Readers are also reminded to refrain from posting negative comments (bashing, hateful comments) and negative discussions with other readers in the comments sections of posts. Let’s keep our circle here positive, supportive, and uplifting.

Since Radha Singh loves NJ too, original posts about New Jersey are most welcome!

For the time being, you may contact Radha directly through this site. Once her social media accounts linked to this site are up and running, she will share with you all pertinent details. She hopes to connect with you on social media too!

Please feel free to browse through the rest of the website to learn more about her, as well as read her latest blog posts to have an idea of what you can write about.