Radha Singh on Pop-Up Restaurants: Why an Aspiring Restaurateur Should Try It

Radha Singh on Pop-Up Restaurants: Why an Aspiring Restaurateur Should Try It

For aspiring restaurateur Radha Singh, pop-up restaurants are the perfect venue to try their hand at managing a kitchen, serving customers, and practice their people skills. Here she shares her thoughts on why anyone who wishes to open a restaurant should seriously consider giving pop-ups a try.

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Pop-up restaurants are the best thing that could ever happen to an aspiring restaurateur, at least in my opinion. While not an entirely new concept in the US, pop-ups only gained traction in other parts of the world in the 2000s. There are three main components in a pop-up restaurant: location, menu and equipment. I think one of the things that restaurateurs and chefs truly appreciate about a pop-up is its temporary nature. You can open a pop-up for a couple of days, a week, or months; and by the end of its run, you will have gained plenty of experience and learned a lot of things about not only running a restaurant, but more importantly, serving customers.

With a pop-up restaurant, you can test your skills in managing finances, procuring supplies, fixing a menu, pricing, flow of operations from the kitchen to the tables, timing (from taking to orders to serving the food), and of course, your people skills. And since it’s only a temporary set-up, you can have a breather at the end of its run and take stock of everything you learned, using this as your guiding elements for planning, developing and designing your actual restaurant.

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I’ve been asking the help of my friends and family for a pop-up restaurant I hope to open soon. I will let you all know about it once the plans have been put in motion. I do hope I will get to serve you when the time comes!

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