Radha Singh: 2 Factors to Consider for Your Restaurant Menu

Radha Singh: 2 Factors to Consider for Your Restaurant Menu

Radha C Singh is a business marketing graduate who hopes to build her restaurant empire someday, one restaurant at a time.

I’ve been doing extensive research on how to put up a restaurant. So far, I’ve learned about the various concepts that are commonly followed by restaurant owners: café, bistro, fast casual, fine dining, and fast food. I’ve also been poring over information on the Internet about pop-up restaurants. And right now, I’m trying to find out everything I can about designing a menu, from the Internet and from restaurant owners I’ve grown to know over the years.

Based on everything I’ve come across, I noticed that two factors are always mentioned: restaurant concept and kitchen size. With the restaurant concept, I can fully understand why it’s an important factor because your menu items should naturally be related to what the restaurant is all about. You can’t very well serve fast food burgers and shakes at a fine dining restaurant, now can you?

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With the kitchen size however, I must admit that this one never really occurred to me; that is, until I started reading about how kitchen size can pretty much dictate the size of your menu as well. Suffice it to say that the smaller your kitchen, the fewer the dishes that you can efficiently cook without compromising quality.

While there’s no rule against offering more with a tiny kitchen, the work flow could be greatly hampered which could affect the quality of your food, and the time it takes for you to serve customers their ordered dishes.

In the coming days, I will talk about the various dishes you can include in your menu as well as prices so please watch out for that! This is Radha Singh, kitchen princess and future restaurateur signing off for now.

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