About Radha Singh

Image Source: Studentaffairs.usc.edu
Image Source: Studentaffairs.usc.edu

Radha C Singh is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California, taking up Pharmacy. She hopes to work in a hospital once she graduates. She’s always been interested in pharmacy, and working at a healthcare facility has always been her dream. She admires doctors, nurses, and everyone who works in a hospital, clinic or other healthcare facility. She believes that theirs is a noble profession, which is why she wants to enter into a career in healthcare too; to help doctors and nurses in patient care and treatment. At the moment, Radha is working on getting an internship at a hospital or community pharmacy.

Radha was born and raised in San Diego. Her mom is a public school teacher, while her dad runs his own business. She was pretty much a loner back in her elementary and high school days. Being an only child, she didn’t have anyone to play with and perhaps this was one of the reasons why she grew up shy and uncomfortable in crowds. Don’t let her shyness fool you, however. She is an opinionated lady who doesn’t back down from a debate—especially with her dad.

To overcome her shyness, her parents urged her to join a sports team in high school, and since she loves to swim, she decided to try out for the school’s swim team. Luckily, she made the cut, and she spent most of her days training for competitions.

Another attempt at overcoming her shyness was applying at a university located miles away from home. Nevertheless, she’ll be the first one to admit that the thought of moving away from home to study at USC gave her sleepless nights. But she knew that she needed to be away from the protective care of her parents, and so she decided to move to Los Angeles to attend USC.

Apart from San Diego and LA, Radha Singh loves NJ too. She’s been to New Jersey several times since she moved to LA, thanks to her roommate and best friend who was born and raised there.

Whenever she finds a little free time to do the things she likes, she hits the beaches of LA to go for a quick dip. Swimming has become such a huge part of her growing up years that she’s never really shaken it out of her system.

21-year-old Radha C Singh loves hip hop music. She particularly likes the music of early hip hop greats like Run DMC, LL Cool J, and Notorious B.I.G. She’s been thinking about joining a hip hop dance class lately but time isn’t a luxury she has at the moment. With all the school work that she needs to do—plus attending meetings at her school clubs and organizations—she doesn’t have much time for anything else.

Back at home, she used to go rock climbing with her dad all the time. It’s their father-daughter thing. She hopes to get back to rock climbing one of these days. For now, though, she knows she needs to focus on her studies if she wants to graduate on time.